Paranormal Investigation – USS North Carolina

I’m not sure if some of you know this or not, but I am big time into all things paranormal. Mostly it’s anything having to do with haunting, ghosts, demons, and all of thee above. I’ve watched all the TV shows and watched many movies, but nothing makes me more happy than being able to go on an investigation.

I had been able to go on some investigations in the past with my mother and father ( who are apart of the Indiana Ghost Trackers ), but living so far away from them makes it difficult to be able to join them when I want ( unless it’s an awesome big investigation like Waverly Hills ). So I had been on the hunt for quite some time to join a team or be able to go on investigations. Needless to say it had taken me a while.

Fast forward a while and I had jumped on MeetUp, finding a group run by the Association of Paranormal Study, run out of Raleigh, NC. They had put up a MeetUp to do an investigation at the USS North Carolina and at the time I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to go because my husband wasn’t going to be home and wouldn’t be able to watch the kids.


His plans got changed and I felt that I was lucky because I might be able to go. So I messaged the person in charge ( Alex ) and unfortunately she had relayed to me that the last spot had been filled. This bummed me out quite a bit and just went on with life, thinking that there would always be next time.  A few days later Alex messages me and says that someone had dropped out last minute and that there was a spot open. YES I’LL TAKE IT ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!!

I made it to the meeting place about an hour before, but that was okay because it meant that I could charge my phone while I waited. We decided to meet at a restaurant to get to know one another and just chat about things. After that I made my way over to the ship and you guys. This thing was MASSIVE. I mean it is a battleship, but I have never seen a battleship before in my life.

The APS had an idea ( which was pretty brilliant ) to dress up in 40’s attire to try and basically stir up the spirits on the ship. Which makes complete sense because these guys were usually out on the ship for months and months at a time with no female interaction. So having females on the ship would totally stir some things up.

Once we got to the ship we unloaded all of the gear that we needed to and took it to the base camp. The group got settled in and then Richard ( the nightwatchman ) came and gave us a tour of the ship. I’ll insert some pictures here for everyone to see.









After we got back to base we waited for the lights to go out and decided that we would split up into two groups for the first walk around on the ship. My group decided to head down to the engine room first and nothing really happened, but I have never been in a place or spot that was that quiet before. It was pretty serene actually and was kind of nice to get to just stay down there for a little while.

My group stayed in the engine room for about 20 minutes then we decided to go walk around. We had found the other group near the sick bay area and they had been getting some activity. So we all decide to sit down and try to get some activity. During the next 5 minutes we would hear footsteps and there was a little bit of shadow play down one of the hallways. There had also been the sound of a chair moving ( which was really weird ). After sitting around for a little bit and one of the girls, Beth ( who had dressed up in 40’s attire ), started saying that she was looking for a date. Then things kind of quickly picked up.

We were hearing more footsteps coming from the warrant officers classroom area and so we all decided to move into that area. Then from down both hallways, the one we had just entered the room from AND the one leading out, there was shadow play going on in both of them. I have never, out of all the investigations that I’ve been on, heard so many footsteps coming from seemingly no where. It was intense and awesome.

The thing that really sent a shiver down my spine though was before lights out when we had gone on the tour of the ship I had taken a picture of one of the rooms ( down the hall close to the sick bay where we had heard a chair move ) and the one room had had mostly all brown chairs, but there was one chair that was whited and in the picture it had been pushed in ( picture is up where all the other pictures are ). When we were walking back down the hallway someone had shown a light in a room and had said that the only chair that WASN’T pushed in was a WHITE one. UM EXCUSE ME?! Yeah. Mind blown.

After spending time at the sick bay we decided to go to the barber shop which was another claimed hot spot on the ship. A few of the people sat in some of the open chairs, a few stood, and some of us sat on a bench. One girl ( the one dressed in the 40’s garb ) had her skirt lifted a little bit. Do ya see a trend here? I’m kinda thinking these girls had a really good idea which this approach of investigating. We heard more footsteps and we were hearing whistling which I have never heard on an investigation either.

After all of that activity we decided to go back to base and take a break, plus some of the people wanted to lay down and take a nap. A few of us didn’t want to sit around so we decided to go walk around once again to see if we could get anything. For the most part everything was quiet, which I have a theory about. One sensitive with us thinks that for the most part the activity on the ship might be residual. Thus, it being quiet in the middle of the night would make sense on a ship which would have people asleep at that time.

We took what we thought about 45 minutes of walking around, but when we got back to base we find out that we had been out for 3 hours. That was a little bit weird, but other than that it was completely calm. The people that had laid down to take a nap and then some of the other people laid down to take a nap. No. I did not take a nap because I’m crazy. Don’t judge me!!!!!!!!

After switching out people we decide to go back out again and for the most part it had been quiet once more, but after everyone else woke up we decided to all go back out for a last round. Now this time we decided to split up into even smaller groups. This time there were only three in my group. We had gone to one of the mess halls and I decided to bring up drinking alcohol while getting time on shore and imagine that the EMF detector went off. So. I said whiskey and I said brandy which resulted in the EMF detector to go off once more. I kinda got a little bit of a giggle from that.

My group decided to go back to the sick bay / warrant officer area which is where most of the activity seemed to happen for the most part of the investigation. And once again we were hearing footsteps coming from both hallways to the warrant officer classroom. One of the most audible crazy things I’ve experienced.

Everyone went to base camp and we got all of our stuff packed up. Then went around with Richard as he turned on the lights ( for that days tours that were going to happen ) and got to see the quarters that the Marine’s stayed in, which was pretty cool because it’s closed off to the public. Then after getting everything back into my car I took off and headed home.

Needless to say it was a really fun investigation and I hope to go on another with the girls from APS again soon. Next month it won’t happen because it’s at the end of the month James won’t be home. So I won’t have anyone to watch the kids, but hopefully after that I can get to go. I would be so freaking happy to constantly go on investigations. It would be my dream to do so.

I hope ya’ll enjoyed this blog and my experience on the USS North Carolina!!!!


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